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Castle Hill High School

Partnership with Parents            

In recognition of the outstanding efforts in working with parents and carers we were awarded the Leading Parent Partnership Award in February 2017.

At Castle Hill we believe that education is a partnership between students, parents and school. All three partners need to work together to create a secure foundation for learning. Therefore, we encourage our students and their parents to become actively involved in the life of the school. 

We believe that parents and teachers must work together in the interests of our young people. This means regular communication. Parents are always welcome to visit or contact the school, although it is helpful if you telephone or email us in the first instance. When making appointments, it is helpful to indicate the reason so that the relevant information can be made available.  Any letters received will be answered as soon as possible. 

The school communicates with parents in a number of ways: 

  • Through Home-School Diaries / Homework Journals
  • Termly progress reports (December, April & July)
  • Annual review report (date will depend upon year group)
  • Annual review meetings (date will depend upon year group)
  • Parents Evening (Spring Term)
  • Newsletter
  • Letters home
  • e-Communication: school website, texts, twitter

We may also take the opportunity to contact you if we have reason to be concerned over any aspect of your child’s progress or behaviour.   

Should you need to contact school our office staff will be able to help with most routine queries and if they can't help they'll find the person who can.

If you need to speak to a specific teacher it's often easier to phone before or after school (all teachers are in school until at least 3.30pm). If a teacher isn't available then they will call you back at a time convenient for you. Email is a great way of dealing with non-urgent queries or for keeping in contact over homework, medical appointments etc. Email addresses of all our teachers can be found on the school website.

A very useful contact in school is Mrs Johnston, our Family & Multi-Agency Link Officer. Mrs Johnston is the Family and Multi Agency Link Officer. She is available to meet with parents/carers to discuss any concerns you may have about their child and will provide a link to the most appropriate source of support either within school or with other professionals in the wider community. Mrs Johnston can also be contacted by phone or email, pauline.johnston@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk.

Our Behaviour/Inclusion Team are also available to discuss behaviour and pastoral issues. Again, they can be contacted by phone or email.

You can, of course, arrange a visit to school at any time to discuss your child's progress or to just have a look round.