Good attendance at school is key to success. If your child’s attendance is above 95% you are giving them the opportunity to achieve and succeed, not just now but throughout their lives! 

90% attendance means your child has had four whole weeks off school during the school year.  This level of attendance is not good and means your child will struggle with their school work because they have the equivalent of one day off every fortnight! 

It is worth noting the impact of attendance over a 5 year period:


100%    =     full attendance

95%      =     ¼ of a school year missed

90%      =     ½ of a school year missed

85%      =     ¾ of a school year missed

80%      =     1 school year missed

75%      =     1¼ school years missed

70%      =     1½ school years missed

65%      =     1¾ school years missed

60%      =     2 school years missed 


Please also be aware that when students miss a lot of school through illness schools are expected to investigate and where appropriate request medical evidence before agreeing to authorise those absences.

In order to minimise absence it is essential that parents work in close co-operation with school.  Please make sure that whenever your child is away from school you contact us straight away.  

Your co-operation and support in this matter is greatly appreciated.    

Our Attendance Policy can be viewed here:

Attendance Policy


Requesting Agreed Absence

Missing school for any reason is likely to hinder a child’s educational opportunities and hamper their progress at school.  Although we acknowledge that parents may sometimes prefer to take holidays outside of school holidays, this has to be balanced against the effect on their child’s progress at school.

With effect from September 2013 the government has abolished the right of headteachers to authorise absence, specifically for holidays of up to 10 days per year, if special circumstances exist. Instead, headteachers will only be allowed to grant leave of absence for any reason if they are satisfied exceptional circumstances exist.

The effect of this change means that the government expects it to be extremely unusual for leave of absence, including for holidays in term time, to be permitted by schools.

If due to exceptional reasons you do need to request leave of absence please submit a Leave of Absence Request form to the Headteacher at least 4 weeks before the start of the proposed absence. (Forms are available from the school office).

Both the school and the Local Authority take the issue of school attendance very seriously and parents should be aware that where leave of absence is taken during term time without permission they may be issued with Education Penalty Notice fines of £60 (rising to £120) per parent per child by the Local Authority.

Letter to parents

Request form

Guide for parents