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Castle Hill High School

Snow procedures

There is currently a forecast for snow on Thursday. Hopefully this won't be too heavy and we'll be able to operate as normal. However, just in case, our snow procedures are outlined below:

If overnight snow means that school cannot open in the morning

We will notify you by text message and post a message on the school website. We will also notify local authority transport. 

If snow during the school day forces a closure

This is a little more complicated, but our priority is to get pupils, and then staff, home as quickly and safely as possible.

If your child is an independent traveller we will send you a text message advising that school is closing and asking you to phone school to confirm that they can travel home immediately.

If you collect your child from school we will send you a text message asking you to collect your child immediately.

If your child is on local authority transport we will send you a text message advising that their usual taxi minibus is on its way to school to collect them.

Once closed, further updates will then be posted on the school website and sent out via text message.


It is clearly vital that we have the most up to date phone number for all parents and carers. If you think we may not have this please notify the school office.

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