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Castle Hill Blog 31.03.2023


Year 7 on tour!

Year 7 pupils had a fantastic time on the Kingswood residential this week and we’re sure they’ve returned with many happy memories.

This ties in perfectly with Miss Nicholas’ assembly this week, which was all about making the most of every opportunity given us and being prepared to move out of our comfort zone and 'have a go'.



In response to requests from our Parent Group, we’ve set up a page on the school website where you’ll find an overview of what pupils are studying each half-term.  The page is called ‘This half term’ and can be found under the 'Parents' menu. Clicking on this link will take you straight to it:

This half term

We’ll update the page each half-term. If you ever want more detailed information on what is being studied then please email your child’s teacher.

Upcoming Events

Date Event
Mon 17th April

School opens for Summer Term

9J & 9M RE visits to All Saints Church, Marple

Weds 19th - Fri 21st April

Year 13 DofE Silver expedition

Weds 19th & Thurs 20th April

Year 11 GCSE Art exam

Mon 24th - Fri 28th April Year 11 Work Experience
Mon 24th April 9D & 9L RE visits to All Saints Church, Marple
Tues 25th - Weds 26th April Year 9 Alton Towers residential (some pupils are going just for the day on 26th)
Weds 3rd - Fri 5th May Year 10 residential to Lakeside

And finally

This is my final Castle Hill Blog, as I'm taking EARLY retirement after 32 years teaching, 24 of them at Castle Hill. 

Reflecting upon those 32 years, the world of education today is virtually unrecognisable from that which I joined back in 1991. Occupational hazards in those days included the screech of chalk on a blackboard, the suffocating fog of smokers’ corner in the staff room and the intoxicating fumes given off by primitive copying machines. Computers and mobile phones were the stuff of science fiction and the nearest pupils got to social media was sneakily passing a note around the classroom informing everyone that ‘Kev has snogged Tracey’!

What hasn’t changed in all those years however, is the sheer joy of working with young people: their enthusiasm, their energy and their openness. In their kinder moments, several pupils have told me this week that I don’t look old enough to retire and, after giving them 10 credits, I explain that their youth is infectious and that they help keep us teachers young. So, a massive 'Thank you!' to all the pupils at Castle Hill, past and present, you’ve been amazing and I look forward to hearing of your continued successes.

Thanks too, to all the parents and carers, for your support, your understanding and your trust. When home and school are working together anything is possible. 

Castle Hill would be nothing without the incredible team of staff who work tirelessly to boost the life chances of every one of its pupils. Their support, good humour and friendship throughout my time at Castle Hill, but especially during the pandemic and then my year as Acting Headteacher, has been humbling and has given me much happiness. 

Finally, and in true ‘What have we learned today?’ teacher-mode, I’m signing off with a favourite quote, from the American poet Maya Angelou, which I shared with staff in a training session last year:

'I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.'

Have a great Easter break!

Glyn Thomas, Deputy Headteacher (retired!)



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