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Castle Hill High School

Castle Hill Blog, 20.07.2022

All change!

Mrs Hudson will be taking over as Headteacher in September and she has already spent several days in school and met many of our students. If you've not yet read her letter of introduction, then click here:



As I look back on my year as Acting Headteacher, what stands out for me is the strength of the relationship between students, their families and staff. It is this that makes Castle Hill such a special community and I’d like to thank each of those partners: 

To our students… I’ve sat in on enough English lessons this year to know that you all understand what an adjective is. So, here are a few adjectives to describe you: enthusiastic, resilient, hardworking, infuriating (sometimes!), tolerant (always), kind, surprising, inquisitive, adaptable, respectful and welcoming. Be proud of what you’ve achieved this year, you deserve the very happiest of summer holidays!

To our families… Thank you for trusting us with your child. Thank you for realising that there might be another side to the story when your child comes home grumbling about something that happened in school. Thank you for your understanding on the (hopefully rare) instances that we get something wrong. Thank you for showing an interest in what your child is learning and celebrating their successes. And thank you for your ‘thank yous’ and words of support… never underestimate how much these are appreciated by staff.

To our staff… The successes of the past year would have been impossible without your relentless positivity, hard work and dedication. A truly remarkable team.  

Enjoy the summer break!

School opens for pupils on Monday 5th September. 

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