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Castle Hill High School

Castle Hill Blog, 02.07.2021

Covid update

For the first time this term we had to send some students home to self-isolate this week. Many thanks to the parents and carers of Year 8 students for being so understanding and collecting students promptly on Wednesday morning. 

We fully appreciate that sending students home in this way is frustrating for students and their families and often poses childcare problems. As a school we are equally frustrated by the lost learning time, but are bound by the rules set out by the Government. There is talk in the media that systems may change for September, as lockdown eases further, and we'll let you know as soon as we hear anything. 

In the meantime please continue to be vigilant in keeping your child off school and booking a PCR test, if they develop any Covid symptoms.

Home test kits

We sent home the latest batch of home testing kits this week. This should take you up to the end of term. The Department for Education have announced that students do not have to continue home testing over the summer holiday, but we plan to provide you with a new set of kits just before we break up, so that you can test your child on the day before they return to school in September. 

Chat Health

This is a service which School Nursing Stockport set up a few weeks ago. Young people aged 11-19 can text any health worries to the school nurse team, who will offer confidential advice and support. The number to text is 07480635227.

Animal Roadshow

Year 7 are learning about animal classification in science, and to make things a little more hands-on, the Animal Roadshow brought in some of their furry, feathered and scaly friends.  Here's a couple of photos showing students comparing the meerkat....... with a tarantula!



Enjoy the weekend!


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