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  • Friday 12 July 2024 Castle Hill Blog 12/07/24 The event of the year is ready to open...make sure that you come on down to enjoy our fabulous summer Fair. With delicious treats, fantastic gifts and prizes to be won it really will be a wonderful way to spend your Saturday morning.
  • Friday 5 July 2024 Castle Hill Blog 05/07/24 At Castle Hill, our curriculum places a strong emphasis on life skills alongside academic achievements. Our Year 9 pupils have been learning some vital life saving skills this week in first aid workshops such as the recovery position, treating someone who is choking and providing CPR.
  • Friday 28 June 2024 Castle Hill Blog 28/06/24 The week has ended here with some inspirational training relating to adaptive teaching. Although I have an exceptional staff team, it is important that we never stop our quest to develop and enhance our skills, knowledge and understanding. Our pupils deserve the best quality teaching. The main principles taken from today will be followed up in our weekly meeting/training sessions.
  • Friday 21 June 2024 Castle Hill Blog 21/06/24 Another wonderful week has whizzed by here with so many achievements to celebrate!
  • Friday 14 June 2024 Castle Hill Blog 14/06/24 Good evening all! Some of you may be aware that I have spent the majority of the last three days on a training course developing my skills and understanding of restorative approaches. I feel strongly that a punitive approach to conflict and discipline does not have long lasting positive effects on a child's behaviour. I feel that all staff who work in Castle Hill have a duty to explore the individual needs of pupils when their behaviour falls below our expectations. It is important that an appropriate consequence is put in place but alongside this the pupil's voice must be heard. There must be an opportunity for them to be able to understand the harm that they may have caused and offer a suitable opportunity of reparation. Pupils are encouraged to attend a reflection session with a member of staff where they are guided to learn from the experience. We use the template below (the Hub pupils follow the same model with some adaptations based on need):
  • Friday 7 June 2024 Castle Hill Blog 07/06/24 Unfortunately some staff and pupils have had to endure some particularly difficult challenges recently with ill health or the loss of loved ones. Castle Hill is a very caring environment and community of people who want nothing more than to offer support to those who may be suffering. I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has stepped in to offer kindness and practical help to those who have needed it, it is always appreciated!
  • Friday 24 May 2024 Castle Hill Blog 24/05/24 What a varied and wonderful week it has been at Castle Hill with plenty of achievements to celebrate!
  • Friday 17 May 2024 Castle Hill Blog 17/05/24 We've produced a poster to thank everyone who donated to our Gofundme page to rescue our forest school after the fire. This will be going up on both sides of the KS3 yard fence, so it can be seen from the playground, and from our basecamp area.
  • Friday 10 May 2024 Castle Hill Blog 10/05/24 Every visitor who comes to our school always talks about what an incredible place it is and how wonderful our pupils/students are. Frequently they talk about the positivity and the resilience shown when faced with unknown challenges. This was beautifully exemplified by the fabulous 7H super swimmers who received a well earned certificate for their efforts.
  • Friday 3 May 2024 Castle Hill Blog 03/05/24 This week we have laid out the welcome mat for our new parents and carers of the new Year 7 pupils who will be joining us in September. After a grand tour they were able to enjoy the standard magical hospitality service provided by our pupils and students!
  • Friday 26 April 2024 Castle Hill Blog 26/04/24 We have had a wonderful week here at Castle Hill with another bundle of reasons to celebrate our fantastic school!
  • Friday 19 April 2024 Castle Hill Blog 19/04/24 Welcome back everyone! It might have been a wet and windy one this week, but nothing can really dampen your spirits when you are surrounded by such fabulous staff and young people.
  • Thursday 28 March 2024 Castle Hill Blog 28/03/24 I am sure that you are all aware that fundraising is incredibly important to being able to offer the enhanced and exciting extra curricular visits, rewards and residentials on offer to your child. Our dedicated fundraising lead, Laura Agnew works tirelessly throughout the year to ensure that there is a busy calendar of fundraising events for parents and pupils/students to enjoy. Whilst you're shopping over the Easter holidays, (from April-June), you can vote for CHHS Hub trim trail in most Stockport Tesco stores. Just ask for a blue token at the checkout and pop it in the collection box on your way to the exit. Please ask friends and family to vote too! The top prize is £1500 for School to refurbish the Hub pupils' outside play area.
  • Friday 22 March 2024 Castle Hill Blog 22/03/24 "I get by with a little help from my friends...."
  • Friday 15 March 2024 Castle Hill Blog 15/03/24
  • Friday 8 March 2024 Castle Hill Blog 08/03/23 Come with me and you will see a world of imagination...right here at Castle Hill, from fancy dress to creative dance, devouring books and competitive quizzes it's been a wonderful whirlwind of a week!
  • Friday 1 March 2024 Castle Hill Blog 01/03/24 One of the things that makes Castle Hill such a fabulous place to be is the determination and resilience of our pupils to succeed, even when faced with unknown or difficult challenges. With encouragement from friends, we can all achieve far more than we think!
  • Friday 23 February 2024 Castle Hill Blog 23/02/24 Good afternoon! One of my favourite sayings in life is 'fortune favours the brave' which was rather apt this afternoon when the entire school embarked on Mrs Nellis' wonderful welly walk adventure. Given that it feels like we have endured endless dreary rainy days, the sun shone and spirits were high as the pupils sang and cheered their way round. Thankfully this brilliant group of boys built this bridge to enable us all to cross the boggy bits!
  • Friday 9 February 2024 Castle Hill Blog 09/02/24 Happy half-term everyone! I hope that you and your children have a restful and enjoyable week.
  • Friday 2 February 2024 Castle Hill Blog 02/02/24 It's Friday again, I hope that you have all had a good week. It's been explosive here at Castle Hill, well in Year 8 Science lessons anyway...They have been learning about igneous rocks and how they are formed from lava cooling after volcanic eruptions.
  • Friday 26 January 2024 Castle Hill Blog 26/01/24 One of the things about our school which makes it such an incredible place is the willingness of our staff to share their knowledge with other professionals and showcase their best practice. We welcomed a number of teaching assistants from another school this week accompanied by our link governor for teaching and learning. Their effusive feedback demonstrates their positive experience:
  • Friday 19 January 2024 Castle Hill Blog 19/01/24 Friday has arrived again and we have all had another joyous week here at Castle Hill. This afternoon I was treated to a hilarious re-enactment of Henry the 8'ths turbulent reign and then I went on to read the makings of a fantastic novel authored by one of our Year 9 pupils.
  • Friday 12 January 2024 Castle Hill Blog 12/01/24 Contrary to the current icy weather, we would like to wish you a happy new year and a warm welcome back. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break!
  • Thursday 21 December 2023 Castle Hill Blog 21/12/23 Well we made it to the end of term and what an exciting crescendo of events!
  • Friday 15 December 2023 Castle Hill Blog 15/12/23 This week one of our year 9 pupils finally got a very important letter that they had been waiting for since Easter...
  • Friday 8 December 2023 Castle Hill Blog 08/12/23 Our friend Alan Clews has yet again very generously donated us a magnificent Christmas tree from his business HAC plants. The children had a wonderful time decorating the tree, I'm sure you will all agree it looks spectacular!
  • Friday 1 December 2023 Castle Hill Blog 01/12/23 Although this week has been incredibly icy, our dedicated site manager has been out at the crack of dawn ensuring that all the paths and outdoor walkways have been gritted. We are very lucky to have such a hard working member of our team who is willing to brave the elements to keep us all safe!
  • Thursday 23 November 2023 Castle Hill Blog 23/11/23 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Castle Hill. Staff have donned Santa hats and glasses for some festive singing and if my eyes did not deceive me there were some dancing elves on the stage this morning! I know that Christmas is a happy time for most, but not all have reasons to celebrate. Our Castle Hill nurture group helped to organise shoe box contributions for Operation Christmas Child. This is a scheme to try and support disadvantaged children during the Christmas period.
  • Friday 17 November 2023 Castle Hill Blog 17/11/23 As I drove into School this morning a Christmas song came on the radio and I felt a flutter of excitement for all the incredible things that happen here at Castle Hill to celebrate the build up!
  • Friday 10 November 2023 Castle Hill Blog 10/11/23 As the winter nights close in sometimes this can have a negative effect on our behaviour and we might be feeling low in mood. Exercise has been proven to help with this, therefore our pupil support nurture class have been enjoying the use of our onsite gym this week to give them a boost!
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