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Castle Hill High School

Key Stage 4

The core subjects, especially English and maths, remain at the heart of our Key Stage 4 curriculum but students are also introduced to a range of vocational courses. The emphasis is very much on preparing students for the world of work and life beyond Castle Hill.

In Year 9 students continue with the broad and balanced curriculum experienced in Years 7 and 8 and begin Entry Level Certificate courses in some subjects.

All students in Years 10 and 11 follow a core curriculum comprising English, mathematics, science, computing, PSHE, PE and RE. They also take a number of courses from our vocational programme which allows them to specialise in areas in which they have a particular strength eg. art, history or drama. Within our Options programme are three vocational courses: hair & beauty; catering and construction, and all students will follow at least one of these courses.

All courses in Year 10 and 11 lead to formal qualifications in the form of GCSE, BTEC, Entry Level Certificate, Functional Skills, Duke of Edinburgh Award and ASDAN. Each student is therefore able to follow a programme which will lead  to accreditation at a level which is appropriate to their ability and which will prepare them for post-16 choices.

Post-16 careers advice is provided throughout Key Stage 4, through careers lessons and our independent careers guidance advisor, and all students will complete at least one work experience placement.

The subjects studied by students in Years 10 & 11, and the qualifications offered, are:

  • English (GCSE, Entry Level Certificate)
  • Maths (GCSE, Entry Level Certificate, Functional Skills)
  • Science (GCSE, Entry Level Certificate)
  • Computing (Functional Skills)
  • PE (Entry Level Certificate, Sports Leaders Qualification)
  • PSHE
  • RE
  • Careers

Our vocational curriculum includes:

  • Art & Design (GCSE)
  • Drama (GCSE)
  • Life and Living Skills (OCR Entry Level 1-3) - elements of hospitality and construction
  • Hair & Beauty (VTCT Entry Level 3)
  • Home Cooking (BTEC)
  • History (Entry Level Certificate)
  • ASDAN (Bronze/Silver Award)
  • Caring for Children (Entry Level Certificate)
  • Practical Small Animal Care Skills (Skills and Education Group Entry Level 2&3)
  • Duke of Edinburgh - Bronze Award

Full details of the Key Stage 4 curriculum and qualifications can be found in our Curriculum Booklet:

Curriculum Booklet

Details of the qualifications offered at Key Stage 4 can be found in our Qualification Booklet:

KS4 Qualifications



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