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Castle Hill High School

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The Hub is a discrete provision within Castle Hill High School which provides specialist support for students with autism and/or significant communication difficulties. Pupils can be based in the Hub full time or on a part time basis depending on their individual needs. The Hub caters for pupil’s year 7 - 11.

Pupils can transition into the Hub at any point during their time at Castle Hill if they are struggling to cope with the demands of the main school environment. If pupils who are based in the Hub develop the appropriate skills to access the main school environment, they can transition full time into the main body of the school.

Pupils in the Hub have access to a range of specialised environments, these include two sensory rooms, a range of intervention rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, an outdoor area and a separate entrance for pupils who find the main entrance over stimulating and overwhelming.

Our engaging curriculum is delivered through a holistic and flexible approach to ensure that our students are challenged in a supportive environment. Our curriculum promotes academic development, but more importantly, ensures that all students are socially and emotionally secure in themselves in preparation for adult life. 

Students in the Hub require a high level of input from staff to access the curriculum. Class sizes are kept small (no more than 7) with a high ratio of consistent staff. Students are grouped based on needs and personality, not always academic level or age.

We put every student at the centre of their learning journey, taking into account their individual needs and adapting our teaching styles and learning environment in order to maximise their potential. We utilise every opportunity throughout the school day, including transitions and unstructured times, to explore valuable learning opportunities. 

Our personalised programs of teaching and learning are organised into different pathways, this enables us to use the most appropriate teaching strategies and content suited to the learning needs of the pupils in each pathway. Our three different pathways are pre-formal, semi-formal and formal. In some cases, a blended approach of pathways may be required to meet individual students' needs.

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